Confidence is all you need to carry this summer! But if you are planning to compete with the trend get in your best outfit and simply sauve shoes and show up!

Talking a little more about fashion and fads, the new shoe trends of 2018 are really quite varied.
On one runway you'll find delicate, dainty Velvet Slip-ons covered in pretty embellishments. On the other you'll find stumpy cowboy boots or sneakers.
Where Ranveer Singh makes a style statement showing off in Clive Sneakers by BERZERI, there on the other hand Katrina Kaif slides her feet into the most comfortable pair of loafers at some celebrity event.

But take a hop, skip, and a jump over to another atelier, and it's all about 1980s-inspired, spiked sneaker shoes. There are few sensible options and wildly impractical ones as well.

You should be well aware of the statement styles that exist, but so do very wise go-with-everything investment purchases. Basically, if you're a shoe lover (I mean of course you are!), then this year is your year.

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From Luxury men’s shoes to handmade shoes for men, sneaker styles, spikes to out-stitched hem, to monk straps to formal affiliation with your outfit to casual lace ups and what not!

Give your wardrobe an instant refresh with the help of these 2 shoe trends that are sure to take over this summer.


Spring's clear PVC trend extends into footwear this summer with playful shoes that feel like an updated version of your childhood outfit go-get-it game! For those days when you're not feeling basic, a pair of chunky dad sneakers or gothic spiky ones makes the perfect contrast to all your summer denim and trousers or even chinos! You can head on to Berzeri, online footwear brand and shop your desired mood as per the current trend flaunting the best you can!

DID YOU KNOWSneakers got their name because their rubber soles do not make noise.


That in it-self can be a touch overwhelming, so we've gathered the best runway shoe-inspiration to bring you a concise edit of what will be most useful and impactful for your own wardrobe. 

Velvet Slip-ons have a huge impact on today’s generation. They not just look luxurious but the imprint is unique and only men with a classic taste tend to choose such a shoe. Seethe top shoe trends for 2018, and shop the pieces you can already snap up now—at different price points at BERZERI online.

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