Debonair Trend at Berzeri

Knock knock! Who’s there?

Well, a super trend is there on your doorstep!

It’s been a while, as people have started to notice velvet shoes appearing in stores, I thought they were fun and pretty – and also that they’d be out of style in a heartbeat. 
But wait! What! They are the new trend not fading any day soon.

Being totally wrong about them- as it was thought they’ll be a short-lived fad. Velvet shoes have remained in style for several seasons and just seem to be getting more popular.

One stop destination is Berzeri, a great way to shop for your desire and beautifully handcrafted luxury footwear. Especially the Velvet ones!
Men's velvet shoes are quite a buzz in the market and well, celebrities are making it come back in action as every big hot shot celeb nowadays is spotted wearing this splendid pair of subtle soft velvet shoes.


When it comes to velvet accessories, whether they be a pair of shoes or a couch, it's a good idea to apply a protective coating to help repel stains. You need to be cautious with expensive and delicate material that looks poised and smart every time only when you take proper care.
However, you should be careful to check the manufacturer's instructions before using products that are designed for use on leather or suede, because not all of them are safe to use on velvet and other textiles.

A good protector will go a long way in ensuring that your velvet shoes enjoy a long and healthy life, but you should also use a brush regularly for maintenance. Basically, the brush will help to remove dirt and grit that accumulates and will keep the velvet from becoming crushed.

To you, this may sound extreme, but ideally, you should brush your velvet shoes after every wear. This is also true of velvet garments like blazers, the nap of which will become lightly crushed by dint of regular wear; giving your velvets a quick brushing after wear will help to ensure that creases and matted patches don’t become permanent, which will eventually lead to bald patches.
So you know what to do next right?


Well, I won’t comment much but make this a habit, if you like it-buy it! Don’t leave it on some other day or occasion, because fashion keeps going and it won’t stop for anyone. So, make the most of it and if you wanna stay in trend, you gotta make your decision now.

All you guys need to do is shop berzeri right away because they have got all quirky to basic embroidery velvet slip-ons for men.
Happy –trendy shopping!